Colorado planning and leasing: Status and comparison to other Rocky Mountain leasing

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

An overview of Colorado's BLM oil and gas leasing numbers as compared to other Rocky Mountain states.

Resource management plans (RMPs)/Master Leasing Plans (MLPs)

  • Colorado BLM is one of only two states in the Rockies (with New Mexico) that has yet to authorize the development of an MLP.
  • On average, CO RMPs are the oldest in the Rockies—over five years older than the average RMP in the Rockies.
  • CO BLM is currently revising RMPs for approximately 50 percent of the land it manages.


  • Nearly one-third of the land managed by CO BLM has been leased for oil and gas—the second highest total in the Rockies (WY)—and about 93 percent of its lands are open for leasing.
  • In FY 2012, protests were significantly higher in CO than anywhere else in the Rockies, and 66 percent higher than the national average of 18 percent
  • Approximately two-thirds of the federally leased lands in CO are not producing oil and gas.
The full analysis is available for download.