The Forest Jobs and Recreation Act: Background

Monday, January 25, 2010

The Forest Jobs and Recreation Act will permanently protect nearly a million acres of spectacular backcountry throughout western Montana, including nearly 700,000 acres as wilderness. This includes some 25 spectacular places conservationists have fought hard to preserve for decades. In addtion, the bill:

  • Steers logging to areas that are already roaded and requires habitat restoration through reduction in road densities, while also
    reducing fire risk near communities;
  • Allocates funds to improve fisheries, water quality, and wildlife habitat;
  • Areas released from interim wilderness management will be largely managed to retain their wild character and may still be considered for protection in the future; and
  • Legislation is consistent with all environmental laws, policies, and regulations including NEPA, endangered species act.

Find out more by downloading the fact sheet.

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