Idaho Court Decision on BLM domestic sheep grazing

Thursday, October 15, 2009

On  October 14, 2009, Judge Lynn Winmill granted our motion to not allow grazing on one of the last remaining BLM domestic sheep grazing allotments in the Salmon River corridor due to domestic/bighorn sheep conflicts. The turnout date was supposed to be October 15, and this represents the first time the allotment has ever been closed since the 1930’s. For the time being, this will effectively end all public lands domestic sheep grazing on public land in the main Salmon River corridor where the highest threat to bighorn sheep exists. We have been successful in closing grazing on adjacent Forest Service land, but had not, until now, been able to do so on BLM land. Although we typically do not venture into the grazing realm, this is part of our ongoing restoration efforts in the Hell’s Canyon area.

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