Letter - Western Governors' Association

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Dear Representative Gosar:

We are writing to express our support for sharing with states and counties renewable energy royalty revenues from federal lands. The language contained in the Public Lands Renewable Energy Development Act (HR 596) which you have introduced in the House would enact such revenue sharing.

Western Governors support continued and accelerated deployment of renewable energy projects, and associated clean energy job growth, in our states. In siting renewable energy projects and transmission lines, we encourage areas be developed which will have the least impact on wildlife and other important land uses. Shared royalties from renewable energy development can be used by state agencies to support land, wildlife, and water conservation in affected areas.


Gary R. Herbert                                                         John Hickenlooper
Governor, State of Utah                                           Governor, State of Colorado
Chairman, WGA                                                        Vice Chairman, WGA


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