Mile By Mile: Ten Years of Legacy Roads and Trails Success

Thursday, March 1, 2018

The Legacy Roads and Trails Remediation Program (LRT) was established by Congress in 2008 to address the budgetary needs of the U.S. Forest Service's massive road and trail system, which suffers due to chronic underfunding and rising fire-fighting costs. It delivers funds to address critical road issues in real time, enabling the Forest Service to efficiently design and implement projects appropriate for the specific area and local needs.

LRT creates high-wage jobs for contractors, including those who specialize in stream restoration, environmental design, and heavy equipment operation. It also helps strengthen a system that provides access for virtually every public use of these lands, a large proportion of which is in rural America. Recreational activities like hiking and hunting, and commercial activities like grazing and logging, all depend on this infrastructure.

This report looks at the Legacy Roads and Trails program's impressive track record of success after a decade of service.