National Conservation Lands 2011 Policy Handbook sets forth overarching conservation principles and management recommendations

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The 27 million-acre National Landscape Conservation System includes some of the most spectacular scenic, natural, cultural, historical and archeological places in our country. These National Conservation Lands conserve the essential fabric of the West, by playing a role in protecting lands, water, and wildlife for future generations.

The 2011 Policy Handbook sets forth overarching conservation principles, suggestions for implementing a November 2010 Secretarial Order, and recommended language for expansion bills and resource management plans for the National Conservation Lands.  We believe these policy and management recommendations are necessary to ensure adequate protection and advancement of our National Conservation Lands.

The original Policy Handbook was developed in April of 2010 in consultation with The Wilderness Society, National Trust for Historic Preservation and the Conservation Lands Foundation. The handbook has been updated to include policy changes since 2010.

PDF icon Policy Handbook- 2011.pdf2.47 MB