Now more than ever, Massachusetts needs jobs

Monday, April 19, 2010

March 2010 marked Massachusetts' highest unemployment rate in 34 years. In a state where jobs are needed now, protecting our natural resources from climate impacts can put people to work across multiple economic sectors. Increasing average temperatures and precipitation levels in Massachusetts are leading to more storms and flooding, rising sea levels, degraded wildlands, and threats to our health. These impacts will continue to challenge communities across the state for decades, putting Massachusetts' economy at risk: healthy natural resources help provide over $6 billion in ecosystem services, such as clean water, each year. Fortunately, by ensuring a comprehensive climate bill that dedicates funding to natural resources adaptation, Massachusetts can provide well-paying American Jobs on American Lands that combat global warming's impacts.

Click on the link below for the types of projects and jobs, as well as the multiple economic benefits, this type of funding can create.

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