Outfitters Submit Wild Lands Support Letter to House and Senate Leaders

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Business owners and outfitters from the West reached out to House and Senate leaders to ensure they recognize how important wild lands protection is to the economy. In letters to the House Committee on Natural Resources and ther Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, the group stated:

"As recreation business owners and outfitters, we are part of an industry that contributes $730 billion to the U.S. economy, supports 6.5 million jobs and generates about $88 billion in state and national tax revenue. We write in support of the Department of Interior’s commitment to its multiple-use mission as set forth in Secretarial Order 3310.
Our businesses depend on public land so consumers have a place to recreate using the products and services we sell. The economic value of these open spaces and rivers is not in doubt - it is a proven resource on which our businesses and an array of other related businesses depend to ensure current and future profitability."