Principles for Responsible Renewable Energy Development: Sustaining wildlands and meeting our energy needs

Friday, September 18, 2009

For more than 70 years The Wilderness Society has worked to maintain the integrity of America's wilderness and public lands. More than ever before, our nation’s growing addiction to fossil fuels and unprecedented threats brought about by global warming are putting our wildlands at risk.

It is clear that to sustain both our wildlands and our well-being, we must transition away from fossil fuels and move to a clean energy future. No single clean energy strategy will achieve this and inaction would be even more destructive. Rather, we must act together to support a comprehensive solution for a sustainable energy future by prioritizing:

  • Energy Efficiency First: eliminating waste and moderating demand for energy through enhanced conservation practices and more energy efficient technologies,
  • Right-sized Renewables: rapidly developing and deploying clean, renewable energy technologies at a local scale where people live and work, such as rooftop solar, and large utility-scale renewable energy projects where appropriate, and
  • Preserve Ecosystem Health: continuing to restore and preserve intact and healthy ecosystems which provide us with clean air and water and refuge for both humans and wildlife.

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