Renewable Energy Fact Sheet

Monday, June 15, 2009

Now is the time to move to a new energy future by developing clean, renewable energy sources. It's essential renewable energy development on our public lands is done in a sustainable way, allowing us to curb greenhouse gas emissions without sacrificing our most important landscapes.


Energy efficiency protects public lands
If the U.S. were to reach high, but achievable, levels of energy efficiency in the West, the Western Governors Association says nearly 30% of the projected need of 4,000 miles of new power lines in the region could be eliminated.

A sustainable energy future
Developing renewable energy is an opportunity not just to help stop global warming but to create a sustainable energy future. Right now there is a chance to decide how our public lands will support renewable energy production and transmission.

Protect wildest lands
Our wildest lands should remain free of the impacts of all energy development, renewable or otherwise. There are many other places, including public, state, private and tribal lands, that can accommodate wind, solar and geothermal energy production.