State of our public lands policy briefing

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Over the past two years of the Obama Administration, the Interior Department has implemented new policy and land management guidance, managed an oil spill disaster, and kicked off an effort to increase clean energy development on our public lands. We’ve also seated new members in the 112th Congress. All of this has stirred new conversations in the media and on Capitol Hill. The Wilderness Society has been leading the charge to defend our public lands and strengthen protections for threatened places. This briefing will help reporters understand the complex issues that will continue to be part of our dialogue in the months ahead as well as clarify some misperceptions about the management and protections for our public lands.

This briefing took place on January 18th at the National Press Club in Washington, DC.

Experts were on hand to talk about oil and gas reform, renewable energy, wilderness guidance, Alaska, the Antiquities Act, America's Great Outdoors and more.

Leaders of The Wilderness Society spoke, including:

  • William H. Meadows, President
  • Melanie Beller, Vice President of Public Policy
  • Nada Culver, Director of the BLM Action Center (Denver)
  • Nicole Whittington-Evans, Regional Director (Alaska)

For more information, email Jennifer Dickson or call her at 202-316-2555.