Too Wild To Drill

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

America’s western public lands harbor a wealth of beauty, wildness, and open space. They protect our clean air and water, provide habitat for wildlife, and offer us places to escape the pressure, noise, and congestion of everyday life. These places are our national birthright and our children’s heritage.

Federal law requires that these public lands be managed for environmental protection, as well as for other values, including energy development. Beginning within the first months of the Bush Administration, however, oil and gas development has become the dominant use of our public lands through a series of administrative decisions and a concerted “lease and drill everything” policy aimed at opening some of our most fragile, remarkable, and unprotected places to oil and gas development – places that are Too Wild to Drill.

These areas some of the areas that are threatened by development:

  1. Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska
  2. Teshekpuk Lake, Alaska
  3. Carrizo Plains National Monument, California
  4. Clear Fork Divide, Colorado
  5. Grand Mesa Slopes, Colorado
  6. HD Mountains Roadless Area, Colorado
  7. Roan Plateau, Colorado
  8. Vermillion Basin, Colorado
  9. Rocky Mountain Front, Montana
  10. Valle Vidal, New Mexico
  11. Otero Mesa, New Mexico
  12. Little Missouri National Grassland, North Dakota
  13. Utah’s Red Rock Wilderness, Utah
  14. Beartooth Front, Wyoming
  15. Bridger-Teton National Forest’s Wyoming Range, Wyoming
  16. Red Desert, Wyoming
  17. Upper Green River Valley, Wyoming