This is SWAT (Stop Wilderness Attacks by Trump)

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In this fight to protect our public lands and all other wild places, Americans need to be more informed and engaged than ever before.

We have dedicated resources and team members to provide you regular updates with the most important stories of the week that we must hit back on. Whether it’s the selling off of our public lands or drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, we now know that the Trump administration and wildland foes in Congress won’t hesitate to twist or suppress the facts.

As a member of our SWAT team you’ll have the chance to help us rapidly respond to these attacks on wilderness. 

Here’s how you can fight back through SWAT:

1. Share the real truth about issues facing Our Wild through email and social media. Sharing empowers you to help ensure that the real facts about America’s wilderness – our wilderness – aren’t overrun by the disinformation of anti-conservation efforts in Congress and the Trump administration.

2. Take action.  Whether it’s signing a petition or calling an elected official, we’ll connect you with ways to defend against attacks on our lands, water and air. 

3) Recruit others to this team.  The more voices we have, the more powerful we become. As our numbers swell so does our influence. We need your help bringing fresh voices to our cause, asking people who have never been active before to get engaged.


By joining SWAT you are now part of America’s defense. You are an active member of our team – determined to preserve our wild from attacks from Trump and his fossil-fuel friends in Congress.

We’re glad you’re with us. Now, let’s get to work.