2012 CAPE Awards recognize BLM excellence in conservation

With the ringing in of a new year comes time to reflect on the past year and celebrate great accomplishments.

In that spirit, one of our favorite traditions in The Wilderness Society’s BLM Action Center is compiling a year-end list of the greatest achievements in conservation for our public lands. The result is our CAPE Awards – a top ten list of moments we celebrated in 2012.

The BLM Action Center and our partners toil away most of the year monitoring the BLM’s proposed plans for our public lands and taking the agency to task to ensure our most treasured landscapes are given the protection they deserve. It gives us great pleasure to also acknowledge the important work the agency does for public land conservation. It’s a good reminder for all of us who care about our public lands that there are positive changes happening out there.

From protecting our national monuments, to reforming oil and gas policies, to promoting responsible renewable energy development, the BLM has accomplished many things this year that can help safeguard our western wildlands for future generations.

Some of the highlights from our 2012 CAPE Awards include:

  • Putting in place a smart solar program that will help us build a clean energy future while protecting wild lands and wildlife;
  • Protecting Alaska’s wilderness from oil and gas development in the Western Arctic Reserve;
  • Improving stewardship of our National Conservation Lands – including national monuments, national conservation areas, wilderness areas, wild and scenic rivers and other specially designated public lands;
  • Promoting opportunities for quiet recreation and wilderness experiences in New Mexico.

Next time you’re enjoying your favorite BLM landscape, take a minute to remember these actions the agency has taken to keep it wild!

And don’t worry – the BLM Action Center never rests. Check out our 2013 Wish List to see what we’ll be taking the agency to task on this year.