Americans want action on climate change and clean energy

It is a wild time for planet earth right now – evidence of climate change is being seen across the United States, from the parched and flaming forests in the southwest to the floods in the Midwest from melting snowpack and heavy spring rains, to the roller coaster temperatures that are plaguing the east coast.

While not all of these events can be directly tied to climate change – in some cases, possibly not even indirectly – they are all omens of what living with climate change will be like. 

And while climate change denialism is in vogue among some political circles – so much so that a Republican presidential candidate admitting to believing in it (and believing that humans were partially responsible) makes the front page news – the rest of America is realizing that climate change is here, and it’s problem.

A new study from Yale shows that an overwhelming majority of Americans – 71% - believe that global warming should be a “high priority for the President and Congress.”  A nearly unanimous majority – 91% – want developing clean energy to also be a top priority.

In addition to being wildly popular with the American people, both acting on climate change and developing clean, renewable energy are also incredible sources of jobs. Preparing our lands and waters to the unavoidable effects of climate change is one of the best ways to create jobs in America – more than coal and oil combined.

Renewable energy is no slouch either – with more Americans employed by the solar industry than in the steel industry, showing that not only is there already a foothold for clean energy, but also that there is room to grow.

Americans want action on climate change and on clean energy, and our economy needs it.  Now it’s time for Congress to take notice.