Conservation groups joined the host of voices calling for extension of Production Tax Credit for wind

Aerial view of  National Wind Technology Center

Photo by Dennis Schroeder / NREL

The future of the wind industry is an important piece of moving America away from fossil fuels and to solve the growing climate crisis.

This week, nine conservation organizations led by The Wilderness Society sent a letter of support for extending tax incentives for wind energy to leaders in the House and Senate.

Conservation groups joined the host of voices from across industry and the environmental community who have called for action to extend the Production and Investment Tax Credits for wind—a clean energy incentive which has resulted in boosting investment in renewable energy projects, the creation of domestic manufacturing jobs and growth in renewable energy industries. As leaders in Congress debate the Fiscal Cliff, it is important to ensure support for investing in clean and renewable energy.

At TWS, we know clean energy matters for wild places and for wildlife.Supporting incentives for responsibly sited projects protects wild places from the worst impacts of climate change while promoting growth in renewable energy technologies. Responsibly sited renewable energy projects are an important part of the clean energy mix needed to avoid emissions that contribute to global warming and ensure cleaner air and water for all Americans.

With new energy technologies, we have the opportunity to learn from mistakes made with the fossil energy development by guiding development to places of low conflict with wildlife and wildlands.

The Wilderness Society supports investment in wind energy, and prioritizing siting renewable energy to avoid and minimize impacts on sensitive lands and wildlife.  We’re working with conservation and industry partners to ensure that wind and other renewable energy projects are sited in a way that avoid or minimize impacts to sensitive resources. This solutions oriented approach can help to balance conservation of our natural heritage with clean energy goals.