New federal energy plan could be great for clean, renewable energy

Wind Turbines

The Department of Energy released a new report on energy that details important information on the nation’s energy infrastructure. In June 2013, President Obama mandated the Quadrennial Energy Report (QER) to determine where the United States needs to upgrade and modernize its energy policies.

The new QER released this week outlines the importance of how energy is transported and what the needs are in 2015 and going forward. The implications of these reviews could be hugely beneficial for federal lands.

The administration is proposing major investments in infrastructure for resources. This means more power lines for transporting renewable energy from their sources to homes and businesses – all to meet some of the goals set forth in the QER and more efficient technology. Proper renewable energy transmission lines are crucial for moving the country towards a cleaner energy future. The Wilderness Society will be focused on making sure that transmission will be guided away from sensitive wild lands and towards places that are more suitable for transmission and near renewable energy projects. These principles are laid out in the QER, and if followed through, are crucial for renewable energy success.

Another important aspect of the QER is accounting for greenhouse gases that come from our nation’s energy. This includes updating how the government calculates methane emissions, an incredibly potent gas, and providing incentives for capturing more carbon dioxide through pipelines. Measurements to reduce these emissions need to be done to combat climate change.

The Obama Administration has made huge strides in developing renewable energy on federal lands. The next step is making sure that the energy can get to grids and markets for the American people. On top of that, we need to be reducing greenhouse gases from other energy sources. This new report puts wind in the sails of a clean energy future and is an important step forward for the country.