We need your help to stop anti-Wilderness bill heading to House floor

Help! We just learned that the “Sportsmen’s Heritage Act” (H.R. 4089) is headed to the House floor today. This benign-sounding bill contains Trojan Horse language that would eviscerate the Wilderness Act of 1964.

In fact, it should be called the “Motorize Our Wilderness Areas Act,” for it would allow motorized access, road construction and even logging in designated Wilderness Areas.

Take action to stop this bill now.

What we would lose

Over 65.5 million acres of America’s Wilderness could be opened up to industry who would rather squander our shared lands and waters, than protect them for future generations.

The Trojan Horse Bill

While the stated purpose of the bill is to promote hunting and fishing on our nation’s public lands and national forests -- a goal The Wilderness Society strongly supports -- two provisions would open America’s Wilderness to motor vehicles and potentially logging, mining, oil and gas drilling, and other forms of development.

In fact, hunting and fishing are already permitted in Wilderness Areas. So what is the real reason for this legislation?

The bill’s supporters claim that it will benefit sport hunters and anglers, but, if passed as introduced, it will actually destroy the very wilderness qualities that many hunters and anglers seek. There already exist ample hunting locations on our public lands and national forests where motor vehicles are permitted; it is the backcountry experiences that are scarce.

Who wins?

The real beneficiaries of this bill are corporate polluters and developers, like the oil and gas industry and timber companies, who will reap sky-high profits from our shared lands and waters.

More is at stake

House passage of the Sportsmen’s Heritage Act would open the door for other destructive legislation to move forward. Many of these bills, like the Sportsmen’s Heritage Act, are described in our report, “Wilderness Under Siege.”

You can help

We have been fighting this legislation every step of the way. Now we need your help!

Click here to send a letter. Then please write on your member of Congress’ Facebook wall and ask them to oppose this dangerous bill.

Don’t know who your member is? Here’s how to find out!
1) Go to: http://www.house.gov/representatives/find/
2) Enter your zip code
3) Find out who your Member is and find them on Facebook
4) Write on their Facebook wall. We have provided sample text below

Sample text:

Please vote against the Sportsmen’s Heritage Act when it is on the House floor next week. While the bill says it protects hunting and fishing in Wilderness, it would actually open up Wilderness Areas to motorized vehicles and other harmful development, and actually hurt hunting and fishing in those places. Please oppose this bill unless the anti-Wilderness provision is completely removed from the legislation. Thank you.

Thanks so much. We will keep you updated.