Wilderness Society Statement on Senate Hearing to Protect Green Mountain Lookout

Green Mountain Lookout in Glacier Peak Wilderness

Brian Turner

A bill to protect the Green Mountain Lookout in the Glacier Peak Wilderness was heard by the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources today.

(UPDATE: President Obama signed this into law on April 15, 2014, ensuring that Green Mountain Lookout would be saved)

The Wilderness Society issued the following statement from Kitty Craig, Pacific Northwest regional representative:

“The Wilderness Society is pleased that the Green Mountain Lookout Heritage Protection Act (S. 404) was heard by the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee today.

“For decades, the Green Mountain Lookout has been a popular destination for hikers seeking to enjoy the impressive vistas and endless acres of wildflowers of the Glacier Peak Wilderness and experience an historic fire lookout. Built in 1933 by the Civilian Conservation Corps, the lookout pre-dates designation of the Glacier Peak Wilderness Area and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The Forest Service still uses the lookout to house seasonal staff who provide educational information to wilderness visitors.

“The Green Mountain Lookout provides important benefits to the Glacier Peak Wilderness and the education of wilderness visitors. If Congress does not act by early 2014, the lookout will be removed or destroyed and we will lose a local wilderness treasure. Saving the lookout has broad-based community support including the Darrington City Council, Snohomish County Council, local businesses and volunteer organizations such as the Darrington Historical Society, as well as state and national organizations such as Washington Trails Association, The Mountaineers, Back Country Horsemen of America, National Forest Fire Lookout Association, The Nature Conservancy and National Trust for Historic Preservation.

“We hope that the bill will see action on the House and Senate floors and find its way to the President’s desk before the clock runs out for the 113th Congress.

“We thank the efforts of Senators Murray and Cantwell to save this unique structure so that future generations may enjoy its vistas and history like so many have before them.”