Wildland-saving energy efficiency bills get hearings in Congress

U.S. Capitol building

Architect of the Capitol

One of the great opportunities for movement on energy priorities in Congress in the next two years lay in energy efficiency legislation. While bipartisan agreement is hard to come by these days, energy efficiency is an issue primed for progress. This week, the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee is going to be exploring various ways to reduce the amount of energy used by the country.

Energy efficiency has an important indirect tie to federal land conservation. One of the greatest threats to land conservation is energy development. When Americans use less energy, then there is less stress on federal lands throughout the west. Therefore, saving energy saves lands.

With both the House and the Senate poised to move forward on a large bipartisan energy bill, it is crucial that energy efficiency be a part of the package. It is an easy way to reduce energy burdens, both on American households, and also on American lands.

As Americans know, public lands are not just for energy development. They are great places for hiking, camping, fishing, and other outdoor recreation. The less energy that the country needs, the less that is coming from our wild lands. Its common sense, and it’s great to see Congress agreeing on that.