Wildlife flocks to Wilderness Society offices in DC

San Juan National Forest, Colorado

Tom Harris, USFS

Sometimes we are given the opportunity to realize that there is wild all around us.

And that opportunity knocked for a second year in a row, when a mama duck returned to nest for the summer in a planter outside of our Washington DC offices.

Last year, she hatched her eggs in clear view of our Ansel Adams gallery, and then made her way across the street (make way for Ducklings!) to raise her young in the pool outside the National Geographic building.

This year, she’s back with newly hatched ducklings!

Right now, we are calling her Mardy, after Mardy Murie, the Grandmother of the Conservation Movement. So stay tuned, as Mardy and her ducklings find their way in an urban, yet wild, world.

UPDATE!: Our friends at National Geographic have helped us set up a live webcam to watch the ducklings!

Check it out here http://new.livestream.com/accounts/485979/events/625322